DAIKIN “D-Smart King Series” Inverter Wall Mounted – 1.5HP



Installation included.

Cooling capacity: 1.5HP
Power Consumption: 900W
Refrigerant: R32

✔️Installation service includes:
• Mounting of indoor and outdoor units.
• 10ft (3m) copper piping, rubber insulation, and drain line.
• 10ft (3m) flexible hose and connecting wires from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit.
• Drilling of holes on wall/slab for pipes and cables to pass thru.
• Outdoor unit standard steel bracket fabrication and installation (up to 6ft high).
• Circuit breaker.
• Unit startup.

✔️Exclusions (will be charged when included):
• Copper piping, rubber insulation, drain line, flexible hose, and connecting wires more than 10ft. (Php300/ft.)
• Customized/special outdoor unit steel bracket; outdoor unit bracket is more than 6ft high. (Php1,700)
• Electrical line connection from the main power source to the unit. (Php150/ft.)
• Wall/slab restoration.
• Other items not mentioned above.

** Free installation is available for NCR, Cavite, and nearby areas only.

** To get the appropriate cooling capacity. It is highly recommended to have your area surveyed by us.

Controlling Both Temperature and Humidity

The FTKM series’ dehumidifying capacity is 25% higher than our conventional models. All models are equipped with a humidity sensor and our cutting-edge hybrid cooling technology. Together these features allow FTKM units to automatically control humidity so you feel fresh and cool even during low capacity (partial load) operation. The hybrid colling technology is automatically activated during cooling and dry operation.

Superb PCB

The unstable power supply is a common problem in many parts of the world. It is well known for causing overvoltage, which can seriously damage electronic devices. However, it also causes Undervoltage, which can shut down your air conditioner just when you need it most. Daikin’s printed circuit boards are specially strengthened to withstand voltage fluctuations. This allows them to operate across a wide range of voltages in areas with unstable power. FTKM series units operate at 130 to 264 V and can withstand 0 to 440 V.

** Product information, features, and specifications are subject to change without notice due to continuous product development and improvement.


D-Smart King specs